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Digital Signage 2.1 by Carraterra Digital Research Development

Digital Signage 2.1 by Carraterra Digital Research Development

Are you familiar with digital signage? If you are new to this digital signage and you want to learn about personalizing your advertisement using it. Well, if you want to know about digital signage. Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Different ways are offered for it to start and this can be through LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images which can be found in public and private environments such as retail stores and corporate buildings.

Digital signage signifies a development in advertising & communication. A digital signage screen is incredibly versatile & can therefore be used in a variety of businesses & locations. Digital signage, also known as dynamic advertising displays, combines digital sign media with commercial-grade, LCD TV screens. This gives you the ability to incorporate dynamic advertising displays into a promotional presentation within retail, hospitality & commercial settings. Digital signage can also be used within businesses, schools or hospitals to communicate internally with employees.

Each of these digital signage solutions is equipped with a simple, "plug-&-play" style media player. These media players are incredibly easy to use, only requiring a USB flash stick for transferring your digital media from a computer to a digital sign. These digital signage solutions arecapable of showcasing slideshows & simple video presentations. To update a presentation or to add new images, all you will need to do is save your digital media to a flash drive, & connect the drive to your dynamic advertising displays.

Digital Signage System
Media provider requires real-time digital signage and advertising services that are integrated with media billing and serving system. In addition, the system should be able to display both static and streaming video and audio contents and allow local caching. Digital Signage 2.1 system offers real-time video and audio streaming, integrated advertising object, and local media player caching.

Digital Signage Server
Digital Signage is a robust and scalable server for centralized management of digital signage networks. Digital Signage enables providers to manage the complete workflow of digital signage networks, including creation of playlists, distribution of content, and management of media players. Digital Signage is pre-integrated with Digital Signage 2.1 Media Center PC for a complete digital signage solution.

Key Features
Digital Signage System
•    Real-time audio and video streaming
•    Serving of multiple media object types
•    Customizable adverting space layouts
•    Integrated Billing for advertisers and players*
•    Local caching of media content
•    Customizable software features
•    Advanced advertising targeting
•    Advanced Content Management Server control

Digital Signage Server
•    Playlists Support
•    Easy Content Management and Distribution
•    Support for Recorded Content
•    Multiple Content Layouts Support
•    Scalable Architecture
•    Support for RSS Feeds
•    Remote Administration

Digital signage is changing the way information is presented to the public. Your audience's attention is captured by bright, animated relevant images, and messages. These "electronic billboard" screens are displayed on plasmas, LCDs, projection systems etc.
Digital signage can incorporate a range of video, web pages, image, document, animation and audio formats.
Whether your target audience is your employees, clients or both, Carraterra Digital Research Development  will create the digital signage solution for your dynamic content needs.

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