Tuesday, September 27, 2011

terms of economic globalization

taken cumulatively, the integration of the world as a whole, particulary in terms of economic globalization and the mythic qualities of "free market" capitalism, represents a varitable "empire" in its own right..

Few have been able to escape the "structural adjustments" and "conditionalities" of the world bank, the international monetary fund, or the arbitrations of the world trade organization, those international financial institutions that, however inadequate, still determine what economic globalization means..

Such is power of globalization that within our lifetime we are likely to see the integration, even if unevenly, of all national economies in the world into a single global, free market system.

-Jim Garrison, President State of the World Forum

Intinya sih, katanya.. Dunia saat ini sudah bukån dibagi menjadi negara-negara lagi.. Tapi lebih terbagi menjadi perusahaan.. Dan perbank'an dunia yang menjadi rajanya..dan pengerukan keuntungan sebesar-besarnya untuk sekelompok golongan.. (Mungkin itu kali yah..)

Arie Armend MA

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